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Are you an auditory learner? Personally, I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts and audio books. When I decided to learn French from scratch 3 months ago, I thought I would try supplementing my studies with podcasts. These are the best podcasts for learning French, that have taken me from a beginner who three months ago could barely say “Bonjour”, to someone who can hold a conversation (albeit basic) in French, to prepare for traveling to French speaking countries.

1. Coffee Break French – Podcast for Learning Basic Conversational French

Under the Coffee Break Languages umbrella, Coffee Break French is one of my favorite podcasts for learning French. It immediately allows you the opportunity to practice typical conversations you would have in French. There is an instructor and a student who you are learning alongside. When the instructor says a new phrase, you are given plenty of time to repeat it aloud. He also points out common mistakes and pronunciation tips. Episodes are short and sweet, so it is easy to squeeze in during various parts of your day. If you are a beginner, or even if you want to review, make sure you start at Season 1 Episode 1. I have been able to listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. This podcasts builds on each episode, so it is best to listen in order.

2. Little Talk in Slow French – Podcast for Learning French Culture and Vocabulary

This is a relatively new podcast that is on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. What makes it one of the best podcasts for learning French is that it covers topics relating to France and French Culture. The podcast host speaks at an understandable pace for a beginner. She will say the more advanced words in English, in context, so that a beginner can understand and gain more vocabulary words. The format of the episodes are descriptions, rather than dialogue, so it is most helpful with listening. I would recommend being comfortable with some basic grammar, prepositions, vocabulary, before diving into this particular podcast. I like to listen to this casually or when I am going to bed. Hearing words, pronunciation, and context is helpful to round out listening comprehension. While I would recommend in order, it is not necessary and you can freely bounce around from episode topics that interest you should you choose to.

3. Learn French by Podcast

As far as podcasts for learning French go, this is kind of a mix between the first two listed: vocabulary and conversation. It is good for listening and learning new vocabulary, and hearing questions and how you would answer them. This podcast covers useful beginner French words such as career, family words, and common verbs.

4. News in Slow French

This learning French podcast is good for listening and understanding situations. to scripted dialogue for beginners. It helps to hear people converse, and situations where there are students learning. This podcast also covers some culture topics and situations. There is reading material online that has useful information to supplement the dialogue, and some of the more helpful material requires a subscription.

Are there French learning podcasts that you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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